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The Best Vandy Vapor Jackaroo 100W Vaporizer

The Vandy Vape Jackaroo is the newest kit from popular Vaping brand Vandy Vape. These are one of the most popular and unique vaporizers on the market today. As a result, they get an immense amount of attention from consumers. They probably do not need much of an introduction to be heard these days because they have created so many other popular products.

vandy vape jackaroo


The Vandy Vape Jackaroo Kit comes with the revolutionary Jackaroo pod kit, which consists of a single large dual battery, which can power your mod for up to four hours. Additionally, it includes a unique microprocessor that regulates the power/ voltage, temperature and current of the battery. This allows you to use your mod continuously, day and night, and without worrying about overheating or damaging your batteries. The microprocessor also adjusts the wattage, which allows you to reach the perfect vaporizer for you, and the best product.


One of the greatest features on the Vandy Vapor Jackaroo is its unique “GeekVape AEGIS Boost Kit”. It allows you to add the benefit of air flow control. What is a “GeekVape”? Well, it is a revolutionary product that increases your battery life in just a few seconds! I guess you have never used an AEG that controls the airflow through a metal plate, then you should know what you are missing. The AEGIS Boost Kit is a unique application of technology that takes AEGs to the next level.


Another great feature of the Vandy Vapor Jackaroo is its accessory compatibility. You can get started with a mod that uses the same tanks or wicks you’ve used before and increase wattage without any problems. Also, the tank adjustment buttons are very accessible, which means you don’t have to touch the side of the tank when adjusting the wattage. In fact, you will barely even notice the difference while you are getting started.


The bottom line is this; if you are considering a portable vaporizer, I would definitely recommend the Vandy Vapor Jackaroo. It has everything you could want from a vaporizer. It has high quality build, an auto shut off safety feature, and adjusts the wattage to start off low. However, there are a few things that could stand out for your benefit. It’s price is not cheap, but it comes with a high quality product, so if you are not willing to shell out a bunch of money for something that performs poorly, then it may not be worth it for you.


One feature that the Vandy Vapor Jackaroo does not have is an airflow control ring. I personally think this is a pretty cool and underrated aspect of the device. With the airflow control ring, you can adjust the amount of vapor you are getting from your kit by adjusting how much air goes through the vents in the unit. Some people like to take their vapes to the beach, throw them on the picnic table, and sit back with a delicious desert. Other people like to take their devices to a nightclub or bar, turn them on and get a nice, strong hit while dancing.


Speaking of clouds, the Vandy Vapor Jackaroo comes with a nice tank. The tank is made out of durable stainless steel that can handle all of your vaporizing needs. The built-in adjustable airflow control lets you get a very powerful hit from just one tank. Also, the top-fill design allows you to fill your kit with fresh juice without having to wait to put in more liquid later.


Overall, the Vandy Vapor Jackaroo is a great starter kit. The tank is well-built, the vaporizer is durable, and the vapor quality is excellent. You will probably want to get a bigger tank when you purchase the kit, but this is not a major problem. It’s not the biggest, heaviest, or most expensive vaporizer on the market. The vapor it produces is good and consistent, and the price is perfect for a starter kit.