Napa planners support Airbnb-type home rental ordinance

Napa planners support Airbnb-type home rental ordinance
Amid the Internet-driven surge of home sharing, city planners have moved closer to letting some Napa homeowners legally become innkeepers. A change in the vacation rental ordinance to grant 60 permits for in-house hosting of tourists won the Planning …
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Soaring Rental Income Unlikely to Continue
Rental vacancy rates fell to the lowest point in 30 years and still appear to be falling. Rents, not surprisingly, are rising at a brisk pace. For people who have invested in rental properties, the income from rents has been soaring. By one rough …
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Fixing the rental crisis: Make Room's Angela Boyd is trying
A Make Room is an effort to give voice to the 11 million families in America — one in 10 — who are paying more than half their income just on rent. We're seeing this housing situation get worse, not better, and we want to expand the table of folks …
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