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Cool Vapor Gear From GeekVape

geekvape aegis boost

The GeekVape aegis boost is the latest product from Vandy Vape. It is the ultimate airsoft device, in my opinion. It is smaller than the Aegis Turbo but just as powerful. The AEGIS Boost comes with two tanks. The tank that comes with this product allows you to use two extra batteries. This is great because you do not have to use a lot of the tank when you are playing outdoor.


The geekvape aegis boost comes with two tank styles. The standard model has an adjustable airflow control that will allow you to adjust how much air you want inside the tank. The tank can also be easily replaced unlike the standard AEGIS Turbo where you have to buy a whole new tank.


With the AEGIS Boost you can increase the wattage by simply changing the wattage at which you are using the tank. To change the wattage simply turn the bottom dial until you have it at your desired level. This can be done without turning the power dial all the way to the top. It is very convenient to change the wattage since it does not use the airflow dial.


Some AEGIS Boosts do not come with their own drip tips or adjustment buttons. If this is the case with your AEGIS Boost then you can get one that has the added bonus of a universal voltage adjustment button. These two adjustments are located on the side next to the battery feeder. You can easily access them and change the resistance level on your AEG.


One major complaint about the AEGIS Boost is that the constant vaping that occurs while it is in your hand makes you spend way too much time focusing on changing wattage. You may find yourself spending up to 10 minutes just on changing the wattage on your AEG. With the GeekVape AEGIS you can now change the wattage without even taking your hand off the vaporizer. This is great if you like to keep your hands busy while vaping.


The other major complaint about the AEGis Boost is that it does not look as cool as the other popular vaporizer on the market at the moment. The orange juice flavor of the GeekVape AEGIS is a little too far out of sync with other vaporizers. The orange looks almost red and the blend is just not quite right. The Geekvape AEGIS is supposed to be the alternative to the traditional style vapes but it seems to be a step up from what it should be. If you are going to invest in a product like this, you want to make sure it looks good and functions properly.


I also found that the GeekVape AEGis Boost is not very practical for people who do a lot of traveling. Many models have large, expensive batteries and you would need to keep them in a vehicle or other enclosed space during travel. This means that you would have to bring a separate charger along with you everywhere you go. It is probably cheaper for you to just buy a bigger battery to begin with so you do not need to worry about the size of the coils when you are using the vaporizer. This is something that the other models on the market that use larger ceramic coils are better for.


Finally, the big draw for the AEGIS Boost is the built in battery. The GeekVape AEGIS Boost has a built in clock mod which allows you to change the wattage at any time by simply changing the clock knob. The clock knob controls the airflow through the coils, which means that you can get a bigger hit from each hit and draw more vapor into your system. The clock mode is a great feature of this unit and you should definitely check out the built in mod if you are interested in increasing your wattage and draw.