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dead rabbit v2

The Hellvape dead rabbit v2 RDA delivers powerful flavor and Vapor performance in a RDA style with a modern twist on an old favorite. The updated Hellvape Dead Rabbit V2 RDA includes the best of the old and the new in a RDA design for all consumers. The modern double-butanebutane flame system is more advanced and includes a two-handle adjustable airflow control with a side-by-side dual airflow option. The side-by-side dual airflow option allows you to adjust to your airflow needs while keeping a constant cool temperature.


The Hellvape dead rabbit v2 rda is the upgrade version of the original dead rabbit run, retaining the classic quad post build deck with double or single coil configurations. The single coil builds are a superior alternative to the standard single or double configuration. The reason the single coil options are so much better is because the larger opening allows for more vapor compression leading to more flavorful vapor delivery with less evaporation.


One of the most important upgrades with the new Hellvape dead rabbit v2 rda is the shift from a skunk style wick to a metal wire mesh. The mesh acts as a leak conduit allowing for efficient evaporation of steam and heat. The standard wick style will not allow for as much vapor compression and heat transfer. With the increase in efficiency from the mesh set up, you will notice a significant increase in performance and flavorful vapors.


Another important upgrade with the Hellvape dead rabbit v2 RDA includes the addition of a conductive juice tray. This is a pre-filled tray that allows you to conductive juice delivery without the use of pre-filled syringes. This is an amazing feature when you consider that you have less mess to clean up after you are finished using your device. The pre-filled tray can be easily replaced and is available in three colors. The black, blue, and red versions all include two-inch ceramic plates that can be easily replaced when they become depleted.


Along with the upgraded components and improved cooling systems, the vapor barrier has also been changed to a dual-slotted top airflow control setup. The old style of Dual Slotted top airflow control setup will force hot air out to the sides of your cup allowing condensation to form on the interior walls of your cup. The new style allows for a straight up placement which draws the hot air up and away from the surface of your drink. If you like your vapes to last longer than one session, then this is definitely the change for you to go with. In addition to the dual-slotted top airflow control setup, the vapor barrier has also been upped to a ten-inch thick material which will help protect your cups from any drips or spillage.


One of the biggest changes that the original Dead Rabbit V2 brought to the market was the change to dual coil cooling systems. The dual coil configurations utilize two post holes in your deck design. The dual coil settings work well for the most demanding of juices, but they aren’t the best for other types of juices. The dual coil configurations will also release a lot of extra juice that can build up in your cup. In addition to the dual-coil configurations, the original version introduced a single post hole for juice delivery.


While most vapor devices will be able to take a healthy dose of fruit or other dessert flavors, the original dead rabbit v2 also included a side by side twin deck design. The side by side deck configuration allows for an incredible amount of fruit or dessert flavor to be infused into your cup. There are also a variety of different topside finishes that have been added to the vaporizer to enhance the overall taste and aroma. The new v2 allows you to be as creative with your dealing and other finishing techniques so you end up with a great product that you can enjoy all day long.


The side by side twin deck configuration was a great idea on the surface, but the real innovation with the original model took place beneath the coils. Under the dual and single post coils there exists a large space of dead space. Some wicks, while they may appear to be alive, really do not have enough juice to actually burn during use. In order to make sure you always get a full dose of potent fruit or dessert flavors you want to make sure you have the right amount of coils on your dead rabbit v2.


Dead Rabbit V2

If you are looking for a great all-around smoker for your smoker, the new model of the famous Vado boxed smoker by Okaneko is your best option. The Okaneko Dead Rabbit V2 RDI is the upgrade version of the well-known original Dead Rabbit RDA that maintains the traditional quadrant post construction for single or dual coil setup, improving the airflow control even more for more adjustability and flexibility. The new RDI boasts more advanced cooling technology that not only keeps the temperature up higher but also ensures complete fuel system compatibility with any automatic fuel system. With its newly designed heating plate, the RDI can maintain the right temperature even without a fan to boost energy efficiency and power, which are ideal for RDI owners who are looking for the best value in their money. This smoker has a digital interface for easy temperature adjustments.

dead rabbit v2


The new smoker features the two basic features found on all models from Okaneko, which are the side air flow holes for efficient ventilation, and a high side heat shield for a super quick heat up time. On the inside, the new smoker comes standard with the dual airflow system. This innovative vapor ignition system offers the user a very clean smoke experience with highly customizable airflow holes that are easy to use and includes a highly effective and easily readable LCD screen. The unit is also very compact and the included stand makes it a convenient addition to any kitchen.


Okaneko has taken the concept of a full dead rabbit v2 and made it a real thing. The standard model features a beautiful full-black housing and stainless steel front grill, while the deluxe version is a rich red finish and includes a full black cover with a black door. The two units both have the same vapor ignition system, but they differ in the way the heating element is located. The standard one has its heating element located on the bottom right hand corner, while the deluxe model has the heating element located on the left side of the unit, just like on the original dead rabbit smoker. The benefit of having the element situated differently is that the entire unit can be cleaned easily.


The other major difference between the two units is the actual construction of the two units. The new model of dead rabbit run comes in two different posts build deck styles, which is a positive for those who may want to build a smoker at home but lack the tools or skills to do so. The standard unit is an electric smoker with a non-stick cooking surface, while the deluxe version is a meat drier that includes a non-stick cooking surface as well as a pre-built deck that can be filled with wood chips, onions, or any type of meat that can be cooked on the surface of the unit. The benefit of these two units is that you can easily build a nice hot plate at home, without needing to buy or learn how to build one.


The actual electronic workings of the unit are where the differences end. The standard model comes with a non-stick cooking surface and a gold bf pin connector that are easily accessible for users who need to connect it to the electric grill. The user manual shows you how to use the grill and includes a complete list of steps to follow for the construction of your own smoker. The heat and smoke produced by this unit are very comparable to those that you would get from a standard bbq smoker. One of the interesting features that is shown in the user manual is a working knowledge of the temperature control functions available on this unit. The original model included an automatic adjustment system that could adjust the heat up or down to ensure that each piece of meat was properly cooked.


One of the newest additions to the standard model is a new cooling accessory. This new accessory, called the dead rabbit v2 fan, has three large fans located in the back of the appliance. These fans are placed in various locations around the unit, along with two smaller fans that are located on the front of the unit. This allows for consistent and even cooling of the entire unit along with the top and bottom vents that are typically found on the original model. The increased airflow slots wide open in this unit allows for much more consistent airflow and less chance of overcooking your meats.