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AEGis Boost Pod Mod Kit

A new generation electronic kit from Aegis, the aegis boost Pod Mod is an electronic device for those who love their modding but don’t have time to build their own. Features:

aegis boost pod mod


1500mAh built in battery Self-contained, durable and safe Ionic Speakers RDA compliant Capacitor rechargeable Pod Refill Rechargeable Pod Capacity (RDC) The GeekVape AEGIS Boost Pod Mod uses a revolutionary internally-charged micro capacitor that will charge your batteries quickly and repeatedly and hold a charge long enough for a number of use. Speakers included. Capacitors are a popular upgrade, as they can run a bit loud. The increase in RDC output also results in a quieter sound than the standard RTA style.


1500mAh built in battery The battery’s capacity is increased through the use of a novel method of cell assembly called “lipo chemistry.” Lipo creates a huge increase in the size of the cells, which increases overall battery life by leaps and bounds. Aegis boost pods and other AEGi mods are compatible with the new line technology.


Two Coil System The AEGis Boost provides two separate battery coils for powering the variable airflow dial. The two coils are placed on the bottom board of the tank, parallel to each other. When you press the variable airflow dial, air is pushed through the two coils. When you release the knob, the air slows down, and when you push it again, the air speed increases.


Solid State Capacitors is a huge improvement over the old style. They are highly resistant to temperature fluctuations, which allows the AEGis Boost Pod Mod to work with a wide range of devices that require constant battery life. This means that you will be able to use your AEGi as usual, and yet the mod will not burn a hole in your pocket. Solid state caps also have a tendency to last a long time. Many people who have purchased this mod report that their AEGis Boost Pods and coils last for years.


1500mah Built in Battery The AEGIS Boost Pod Mod has a built in 1500mah rechargeable battery. This is a huge improvement over the typical AEGi that is on the market today. This rechargeable battery allows you to keep playing for days after a battery charge. The built in battery life is perfect for a lot of different users, including professional players.


Wireless Power Source Wireless power comes in two forms. The first is the standard Micro USB connection that comes with almost all AEGi’s. This is great for a lot of users who like to use their AEGi’s while they are traveling. Most users however prefer to use the standard electrical connection, because it is easier to install and use. If you are looking for a power source that is easy to install, you should definitely look at the AEGIS Boost Pod Mod.


These are just a few advantages of the AEGis Boost Pod Mod that you might find useful. These little tiny coils pack a lot of power, and pack it in a small, neat package. No matter what kind of AEGi you are looking to use, or what brand you want to go with, these little geeks have created something that can change the face of airsoft.


Battery Life A very common question about a lot of different electric AEGi’s is battery life. AEGis offers a lot of options that can extend your battery life. First off, the AEGIS Boost Pod Mod allows you to change the resistance level of your coils, so that you are always getting the optimal resistance for your AEG. You also get a larger battery life. A small increase in battery life will not drastically change your game play, but it will allow you to have a lot more fun playing!


Just a couple of added benefits of the AEGis Boost Pod Mod include a longer lasting charge, and an increased wattage. The ability to change the resistance level of your coils allows you to get the most out of your batteries. The increased wattage is a great benefit if you are playing with a big electric AEGi and need a lot of extra power. The increased resistance makes it impossible for your coils to ever jump up to a maximum output, thus giving you a consistent continuous source of power. Also, the increase in size of the coils means that you can have a greater shot at shooting down multiple targets because you can hit two targets instead of one.


If you are a constant player in a skirmish or a group scene, and you are worried about the performance of your AEG, this pod mod kit might be for you. You can take a lot of fun guns and make them look a lot more powerful by changing the resistors and coils on them. This gives you a chance to show off all of your kills and rack up the points that you want. The AEGis Boost Pod Mod Kit comes with an instructional video which explains the functionality of the product and how to get the best out of it.