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5 Features That Help The VOOPOO Coil

VOOPOO is the latest addition to the list of every company’s portfolio. But what is VOOPOO exactly? It’s an electronic product used to make vaporizers and pipes that use a patented technology called the Pod System. VOOPOO was created by Christian Eberle and Michael J. Gerspink in 1996 with a mission to create a product that would vaporize herbal remedies.

The Voopoo Tank: One of the most distinctive features of the VOOPOO brand is the fact that it functions by utilizing dual channels. Dual-channel technology means that while the standard version only allows one intake of air, a special edition allows two. This feature is not only extremely convenient, but it can actually be quite helpful when it comes to maximizing your experience while vaping. The specially designed dual ventilation system on the bottom half of the tank ensures that there are two ways to receive air into the device, which greatly increases efficiency.

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By far, VOOPOO has become one of the most popular vaporizers and pipes available on the market. Through innovative research and extensive scientific advancements in the favoring industry, the fundamental principle behind VOOPOO is pure love and commitment to herbal medicine. Also known as the Vapormax, VOOPOO boasts the best technology yet developed for vaporizing herbs. Through its many groundbreaking features and advanced components, VOOPOO is a high-performance addition to any home or professional setting.

Which one’s the Best? – The answer to this question largely depends on which kind of experience you are looking for when using a vaporizer. If you simply want to dab your favorite e-liquid into your molars, then the smaller Shisha VOOPOO might be enough for you. On the other hand, if you would like to create clouds and a thick vapor layer over your molars, then you might be better off with the larger Hurricane model. While it may take a little bit more work and effort to do this, it will be worth the effort when you reach the end of the day and stare at a big cloud of e-liquid. The best voopoo tanks are those that work well for the user and deliver the results that the user wants.


The VOOPOO e-liquidizer comes in two distinctly different styles. There is the VOOPOO Shisha, which features a clear body and a stainless steel backplate. This Shisha is the smallest of all the models in the VOOPOO line. It has a built-in heater to ensure that your unit stays cool while you enjoy your vaporizer experience. The VOOPOO Hurricane, on the other hand, comes in at a larger size and is a far more classic and stylish addition to the VOOPOO line. It has a wider body and a very nice, futuristic-looking design.

Adjustable Airflow – Many vapers prefer to use a higher-powered atomizer and they may not want all of the vapor to leave their lips. VOOPOO offers options such as a Gene Chip Guard that can control the airflow around the vapes, ensuring that only the e-liquid and nothing else to get into your mouth. Just make sure to set it so that it will not accidentally go up to your gums! This feature doubles as a nice feature for those who enjoy using their VOOPOO for blowing large clouds.

Adjustable Aperture Tank – If you have ever used a tank that was not designed with the user’s preference in mind, you know all too well about the hassle that is involved in getting a good draw on your favorite flavor. Vape shops can often be hit or miss with the ability to give you what you want. Not so with the vapes from VOOPOO. The company makes a wide array of choices so that each user can find exactly the kind of flavor that is right for them.

Temperature Control – Because every VOOPOO user has different preferences, there are options available for each model. You can choose from four different temperatures at which the coils will heat up to. The coolest temperature control actually has four settings, which means that each time you switch it to a different setting it will automatically change to another. While it is a feature that may not be needed for some, it certainly helps in keeping your VOOPOO consistent.